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Just because we’re excited by the prospects being mentioned surrounding the tenth anniversary of their self-titled album, here’s our Top Ten Slipknot tunes!

10. Gematria
The opening cut from latest album ‘All Hope Is Gone’ is a brutal mix of hardcore and metal that continues Slipknot’s immense ability to always come up with an absolute stormer of an opening track.

9. Before I Forget
Taking Corey Taylor’s ear for melody to all-new heights, this was the first time Slipknot had ever crafted a track that sounded as at home on the radio as it did being blasted in your local rock club. it also kicks some serious ass!

8. (sic)
The intro to this song sounds like it could bring the walls that surround you crashing around your ankles. Man, from the second those thunderous drums and relentless riffs start flying, (sic) is like being held in a violent chokehold for three minutes and twenty seconds.

7. The Blister Exists
A mish-mash of blast beats, chunky riffs and with an unbelievable snare drum break-down in the middle, The Blister Exists goes through more twists and turns than a countryside road. As epic as it is catchy, The Blister Exists remains one of the finest weapons in Slipknot’s arsenal.

6. Eyeless
You can’t see California without Marlon Brando’s EYES!!! Ahem, sorry. It’s just that that bit floats our boat like it’s the first time we’ve heard it, ten years after it’s initial release. This also marks the first time that we really came to terms with Joey Jordison’s brilliance.

5. The Heretic Anthem
A song that contains 666 in the chorus is always going to rule and ‘The Heretic Anthem’ is no exception. It remains a staple of the Slipknot live set and it gives them an excuse to have the number of the beast as a big flashing backdrop. Awesome.

4. People = Shit
Any thoughts that Slipknot would ever play things safe were banished with the opening blast-beats to this song. The first real track from ‘Iowa’, ‘People = Shit’ is a venomous ball of anger and hate that spits in the face of anyone who dares to suggest that Slipknot aren’t capable of heavy.

3. Wait & Bleed
We know you’ve heard it more times than you’ve heard your own name being said, but it’s still one of the most well-loved metal tracks of the past 15 years. Have you ever taken stock of just how heavy the last riff in this song is? if you’ve forgotten, get your iPod out and give it a go. It sounds HUGE!

2. Duality
The catchiest metal chorus of this decade? The best tune that you can possibly throw down to in a rock club? We reckon that it’s got a serious claim on both accounts.

1. Surfacing
Still the ultimate ‘fuck you’ statement of intent, ‘Surfacing’ is quite simply the definitive Slipknot track. From the amount of times that the word ‘fuck’ is used in the chorus, through the jarring DJ samples, the mega break-down and the fact that it totally owns live, ‘Surfacing’ is the track that best sums up this band.



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