Behemoth- Live Esxhaton: The Art of Rebellion DVD (MVD Video/ Metal Mind Productions)

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Here’s a re-issue of an early video release from Behemoth. “Live Esxhaton: The Art of Rebellion” was originally released in 2000 by Metal Mind Productions on VHS, and is an officially sanctioned release from the band. However, the DVD version has never been sanctioned by Behemoth, and will not be found in official discography listings. At any rate, “Live Esxhaton…” is now re-issued in DVD format by MVD Video.
Regardless of the release’s status in the eyes of Behemoth, and any arguments over rights that may exist, those of you mostly familiar with Behemoth’s later releases may want to track down this DVD, as the concert presented here is a good showcase of the band’s early material. Filmed in Poland in front of a small crowd in Krakow, the concert features the usual production values from Metal Mind Productions. Excellent video quality with multiple camera angles including the familiar sweeping boom shots common with Metal Mind Productions releases. However, the audio mix isn’t the best, as the drums sound a
bit muddied. Minimal focus is given to the crowd, as well, which seems to be mostly standing around.
Focusing mostly on material from the just released “Satanica” and “Pandemic Incantations”, the concert already showcases a band on top of their game, although they had yet to gain wide exposure. In addition to the main concert feature, there are a lot of extras included. Official videos for “Decade of Oepion” and “Chant For Eschaton 2000” (which is filmed on the same stage as the concert, but without an audience) are included. Incidentally, the sound for “Chant…” is noticeably better than the concert, and is probably an overdub of some sort.
Rounding out the rest of the DVD’s features, there’s a rather long interview with Nergal in different segments, in street clothes and entirely in Polish (no subtitles) that I skipped over, some rare audio tracks of early material from early demos and EPs, and various galleries.
In short, “Live Esxhaton…” is a great package of early material from Behemoth, and is an excellent addition to your DVD collection. I would have hoped that the interview had included subtitles, but, that’s a minor complaint. Buy or die.



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