The Heavy Metal Map Of Britain': The Locations That Rock The Nation

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Written by U.K rock journalist Greg Moffitt (Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Decibel), the forthcoming book "The Heavy Metal Map Of Britain" will be a literary coast-to-coast tour exploring 40 years of Britain's rock and metal heritage — clubs, concert halls, studios, record shops and more.

From Inverness to Penzance, the book will chronicle an epic journey to many of the places where British rock history has been made, charting the colorful tales of regional metal scenes one street address at a time.

An important aspect of the project will be contributions from those who have been or are currently heavily involved with their local metal scene in Great Britain.

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From the author: "Growing up in Ireland in the 1980s, almost completely cut off from sources of the music I loved, rock magazines became like holy books to me. What I craved more than anything else was the chance to see my favorite bands and month after month I'd read their tour dates listed in the pages of Kerrang!, Sounds and others. Invariably, these were tours of the British mainland and, unable to attend, in my mind I began to mythologize the places they played. Newcastle Mayfair, Manchester Apollo, Leicester De Montfort Hall and, of course, Hammersmith Odeon… these became the hallowed temples of rock to which I vowed I would one day make a pilgrimage. That day, at last, is finally here."

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