THE 11TH HOUR: 'Burden Of Grief' Release Dates Announced

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THE 11TH HOUR, the doom metal collaboration between Ed Warby (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, programming; GOREFEST, DEMIURG, HAIL OF BULLETS) and Rogga Johansson (vocals, additional guitar; RIBSPREADER, PAGANIZER, DEMIURG), will release its debut album, "Burden Of Grief", via Napalm Records on the following dates:

Oct. 28 – Finland, Spain
Oct. 30 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Benelux, France, Italy
Nov. 02 – Rest of Europe
Nov. 03 – USA, Canada

THE 11TH HOUR last year uploaded two tracks from its promotional recording, "The Origins Of Mourning", to MySpace. Check out the songs "One Last Smoke" and "Weep For Me" at this location.

According to the band's official bio, THE 11TH HOUR is "the wretched spawn of two kindred spirits' love for good old fashioned doom metal. In 2007 Ed and Rogga met on the Global Domination forums and made plans to do a doom project together. These plans were sidetracked when Ed joined Rogga's DEMIURG instead, but the seed was planted and every once in a while a nasty doomriff would find its way to Ed's fingers during one of his nocturnal writing and recording sessions. Slowly but surely these riffs were sculpted into six slabs of unbearable heaviness, as bleak and terrifying as the night that inspired them yet suffused with sadness and melancholy beauty. If all goes as planned these six entities will surface in the shape of a full-length album before the year is through."



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