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Guitarist Craig Locicero (FORBIDDEN, SPIRALARMS, DEMONICA) has issued the following update:

"The last few months have been filled with music like no other time in my life. No longer will I feel that I have to put all of the eggs in one basket. There are too many talented people and too much creativity out there to sit around and wait for anything. But the hardest part is holding it back. You want to let people hear it when you know how cool the stuff is. But that's just the business part of things.

"FORBIDDEN finished recording and mixing our first new stuff in 13 years. We can't wait to unleash that!!! This is a huge monkey off of our backs and we feel great about it. I'll only say this for now: these are exactly the songs that needed to springboard us into the future.

"We will be posting 'Adapt or Die' up on our MySpace page before our show at Slim's in San Francisco on August 22nd. That's next week. We promise!!! Much more on that as this week progresses.

"Next, SPIRALARMS finally recorded a full-length record that I am extremely proud of. This is an epic rock record, the one I've been chasing down for years. All the guys played great and the songs are a motherfucker!!! More on that later as we get closer to completion of the record. There will be a time for the rock down the road...

"...but today, it's all about metal!

"The other thing I've been up to is working with one of my heroes, Hank Shermann [MERCYFUL FATE], on the debut DEMONICA record! It's a blistering thrash record written by Hank and our vocalist, Klaus Hyr. Klaus sounds like a man of fire! He has been passionate about thrash for a long, long time. Evidently, so was Hank.

"When [Hank] approached me to play guitar on his record... of course, I said 'hell yes!' The next step was to get FORBIDDEN's drummer, Mark Hernandez, on board. Great move; Mark is awesome and really added a lot.

"It was a journey to make this album from start to finish. You have Hank and Klaus in Denmark; our bassist, Marc Grabowski, in Denver. Then Mark and myself living in the [San Francisco] Bay Area. That's a worldwide metal union!

"Anyhow, this record is simply crushing! Relentless from top to bottom and full of Bay Area attitude. I think all metal fans will dig it. I call it unmercyful thrash!!! There is a lot of great stuff,.

The DEMONICA song "Demon Class" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.



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