Black Metal Band List Part 2

10:49 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

1661.B.R.A.S.H.'Black' Metal/Grindcore
1662.Baal (Fra)Black Metal
1663.Baal (Prt)Black Metal/Ambient
1664.Baal BeritBlack/ Death Metal
1665.Baal GadrialBlack Metal
1666.Baal HamonBlack Metal
1667.Baal RebirthBlack Metal
1668.Baal SebulRaw Black Metal
1669.Baal TheroclesBlack Metal
1670.Baal ZabubBlack Metal
1671.Baal ZebuthBlack Metal
1672.Baalberith (Aus)Black Metal
1673.Baalberith (Bra)Black Metal
1674.Baalberith (Fra)Black Metal
1675.Baalberith (Fra)Black Metal
1676.Baalberith (Nor)Black Metal
1677.Baalberith (Rus)Black/Death Metal
1678.Baalberith (Rus)Ambient/Black Metal
1679.Baalberith (UK)Black Metal
1680.BaalzephonBlack Metal
1681.BaatezuDeath/Black Metal
1682.Baba Yaga (UK)Black Metal
1683.Baby Stab HorrorBlackened Thrash Metal
1684.Babylon (Ita)Black/Death Metal
1685.Bacchia NeraidaPagan Black Metal
1686.Bacchus (Fra)Black Metal
1687.BachusBlack Metal
1688.Back in BlackBlack metal
1689.Bacteria (Col)Black Metal
1690.BactherionBlack Doom Metal
1691.BactotavaiyBlack Metal
1692.BadragathBlack Metal
1693.Bael (Bol)Black Metal
1694.Bael (Fra)Black Metal
1695.Bael OccultusBlack Metal
1696.BaerenzornBlack Metal, Pagan/Viking Metal
1697.BagaturPagan Black Metal
1698.Bagronk (Arg)Death/Black Metal
1699.Bagronk (Esp)Epic Black Metal
1700.BahalBlack Metal
1701.BahamutAtmospheric Black Metal
1702.BahimironBlack Metal
1703.BahrrechtBlack Metal
1704.Baigaliin HaranhuiRaw Black Metal
1705.Bak De Syv FjellFolk/Black Metal
1706.BakomRaw Black Metal
1707.BakxeiosBlack Metal
1708.Bal-SagothSymphonic/Epic Black Metal
1709.BalaamBlack Metal
1710.BalamBlack Metal/Ambient
1711.Balam AkabBlack Metal
1712.Balance InterruptionBlack Metal
1713.BalberithBlack Metal
1714.Balberith IncinerumBlack Metal
1715.Balder DeadIndustrial Black Metal
1716.BalestBlack Metal
1717.BaleznBlack Metal
1718.Balfor (Rus)Progressive Death/Black Metal
1719.Balfor (Ukr)Black Metal
1720.BalkanBlack Metal
1721.BalmogBlack Metal
1722.BalmungNS Black Metal
1723.BalnasarBlack Metal/Ambient
1724.Balor (UK)Black Metal
1725.Balor (US)Black/Doom Metal
1726.Balor (US)Black Metal
1727.BalothronBlack Metal
1728.Balrog (Blr)Black Metal
1729.Balrog (Fra)Black Metal
1730.BalseraphMelodic Black Metal
1731.BaltakBlack Metal
1732.BalthazarBlack Metal
1733.BalthazorBlack Metal
1734.BanaspatiBlackened Death Metal
1735.Band of WolvesBlack Metal/Punk
1736.BandosoMelodic Black/Death Metal
1737.Bane and IllusionBlack Metal / Ambient
1738.Banished (Swe)Blackened Heavy Metal
1739.BannAmbient Black Metal
1740.Banner of WrathDark/Black Metal
1741.BannerwarBlack Metal
1742.Banshee (Fra)Gothic / Black / Heavy Metal
1743.Banshee (Ita)Doom/Black Metal
1744.Banshee (Mex)Melodic Black Metal
1745.Banshee (Mys)Black/Death/Thrash Metal
1746.Banshee (US)Black Metal
1747.Baph MetisSymphonic Black Metal
1748.BaphogoatBlack/Death Metal
1749.BaphomenumBlack Metal
1750.Baphomet's CuntBlack Metal
1751.Baphomet's Throne (Fra)Black Metal
1752.Baphomet's Throne (Pol)Symphonic Death/Black Metal
1753.BaphomethThrashy death/black metal
1754.BaphometicBlack Metal
1755.Baphomets HornsBlack Metal
1756.BapthometRaw Black Metal
1757.BaptismBlack Metal
1758.Bar'LguraSymphonic Black Metal
1759.Barad Dûr (Ger)Black Metal
1760.Barad Dûr (US)Black Metal
1761.Barad-Dur (UK)Black/Heavy Metal
1762.Barad-Dur (US)Black Metal
1763.BarastirBlack Metal
1764.BarathronBlack Metal
1765.BarathrumBlack/Doom Metal
1766.Baratrum of AhrimanBlack Metal
1767.BaraxetamolBlack Metal
1768.BarbalansBlack Metal
1769.Barbarian (US)Black Metal
1770.Barbarian PropheciesBlack/Death Metal
1771.Barbarians (Nor)Black Metal
1772.BarbaricThrash/Death/Black Metal
1773.BarbarosBlack Metal
1774.BarbarousRaw Black Metal
1775.Barbarous PomeraniaPagan/Black Metal
1776.BarbaryanBlack Metal
1777.Barbatos (Arg)Black/Death Metal
1778.Barbatos (Jpn)Black/Thrash Metal
1779.Barbatos 666Black Metal
1780.BarbekütionerBlack/Thrash Metal
1781.Bard BrannBlack Metal
1782.BardFaustBlack Metal
1783.BardoFuneral Doom/Black Metal/Ambient
1784.Bare-SarkBlack Metal
1785.BarielBlack/Death Metal
1786.BarkBlack Metal
1787.Baron HazeBlack/Death Metal
1788.BarrabásBlack Metal
1789.Bartholomeus NightBlack Metal
1790.BarvorumBlack Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
1791.BarzakBlack/Death Metal
1792.Barzakh (Are)Black Metal
1793.Barzakh (Idn)Black Metal
1794.BasaliskProgressive Death/Black Metal
1795.BasarabAtmospheric Black Metal
1796.Basilisk (Ger)Black Metal
1797.Basilisk (Jpn)Black/Death Metal
1798.Basilisk (UK)Black Metal
1799.BasiliskkBlack Metal
1800.BaskíriaBlack Metal
1801.BasmasuraBlack Metal
1802.BastaardBlack Metal
1803.BastaerdschwaerdRaw Black Metal
1804.Bastard (Aut)Black metal
1805.Bastard (Isl)Black/Death Metal
1806.Bastard ChristBlack Metal
1807.Bastard SaplingBlack Metal
1808.Bastard SpawnBlack/Death Metal
1809.BastardiDepressive Black Metal
1810.Bastion (Rus)Black Metal
1811.Bat CastleBlack/Death/Groove/ Metal/Grindcore
1812.BatallionBlackened Thrash Metal
1813.BathometBlack Metal
1814.BathoryBlack Metal, Viking/Thrash Metal
1815.BathuelPagan Black Metal
1816.BathymBlack/Death Metal
1817.BatlemosBlack Metal
1818.BatrazBlack Metal
1819.Battalion (Aus)Black Metal
1820.Battle (Col)Black Metal
1821.Battle (Fin)Raw Black Metal
1822.Battle (Nor)Black Metal
1823.Battle DagorathBlack Metal/Ambient
1824.Battle TyrantRaw Black Metal with Oi! Influences
1825.BattlecrownMelodic Black/Death Metal
1826.BattlehornsBlack Metal
1827.BattlelustDeath / Black Metal
1828.BattlemasterBlack/Death Metal
1829.Battleroar (Hun)Pagan/Black Metal
1830.BattlestormDeath/Black Metal
1831.BaumFolk/Black Metal
1832.BauopferBlack Metal
1833.BaxaxaBlack Metal
1834.BaxaxaxaBlack Metal
1835.BayemonBlack Metal
1836.BazzahBlack Metal
1837.BazznakkhBlack Metal
1838.Be PersecutedDepressive Black metal
1839.BealiahSymphonic 'Black' Metal / Heavy Metal
1840.BeargalatBlack / Death Metal
1841.BearishDeath/Black Metal
1842.BeastBlack/Thrash Metal
1843.Beast of Damnation (Ger)Black Metal
1844.Beast of Damnation (Hol)Death/Black Metal
1845.BeastcraftBlack Metal
1846.Beastlorblack metal
1847.BeatrìkBlack Metal (early), Black/Doom Metal (later)
1848.Beauty of DesolationSymphonic Black Metal
1849.BechardBlack Metal
1850.BecksvartBlack Metal
1851.Becoming the MartyrBlackened Metalcore
1852.Bedeiah'Black' Metal
1853.BedimBlack Metal
1854.Bedlam (Bra)Black/Death Metal
1855.BedwelmingBlack Metal
1856.BeelzebBlack Metal
1857.BeelzebubBlack Metal
1858.BeelzebulBlack Metal
1859.BeelzeebuthDeath/Black Metal
1860.Beeroth'Black' Metal
1861.BefallenDeath/Black/Thrash Metal
1862.Before ChristBlack Metal
1863.BefoulBlack metal
1864.Befouled by FliesBlack Metal
1865.Beggar of BaphometBlack Metal
1866.BegoatedBlack Metal
1867.Begotten (Ger)Black Metal
1868.Begotten (Ukr)Black Metal
1869.BegravelBlack Metal
1870.Begravelse (Nor)Black Metal
1871.Begravelse (US)Black Metal
1872.Begrime ExemiousBlack/Death Metal
1873.BeguileMelodic Death / Black Metal
1874.Behalf FiendBlack Metal
1875.BehatredBlack/Death Metal
1876.Behead ChristBlack Metal
1877.Beheaded BaptistBlack Metal
1878.Beheaded LambBlack Metal
1879.Beheaded NasraniDeath/Black Metal
1880.BehelalBlack Metal
1881.BehellBlack Metal
1882.BehelmodBlack/Death Metal
1883.Behemoth (Bra)Black/Death Metal
1884.Behemoth (Pol)Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)
1885.Behemoth (Sgp)Black Metal
1886.Behemoth (Swe)Black/Death Metal
1887.BeheritBlack Metal (1989-1993, 2008-), Dark Ambient (1994-1995)
1888.Behest (Ser)Black Metal
1889.BehexenBlack Metal
1890.Behind ThemMelodic Black/Death Metal
1891.Behind Your FearsMelodic Death/Black Metal
1892.BehrhemMelodic Black Metal
1893.BeithíochBlack Metal
1894.BekhiraBlack Metal
1895.BelathuzurBlack Metal
1896.BelëfBlack Metal
1897.Beleg Eus FallMelodic Black/Death Metal
1898.BelenosCeltic/Pagan Black Metal
1899.Beleth (Ger)Black Metal
1900.Beleth (Pol)Black Metal
1901.BelfagorBlack/Thrash Metal
1902.Belfegor (Fin)Black Metal
1903.Belfegor (Per)Black/Death Metal
1904.Belfegor (Pol)Black Metal
1905.Belfegor (Pol)Black/Thrash Metal
1906.BelfrostBlack Metal
1907.Beli-YacalBlack Metal
1908.Belial (Fin)Black/Death Metal (early), Rock/Punk (later)
1909.Belial (Sgp)Black Death Metal
1910.Belial (Slv)Black Metal
1911.Belial HordeBlack Metal
1912.Beliar (Fin)Black Metal
1913.Beliar (Ger)Black Metal
1914.Beliar (Hol)Black Metal
1915.BelinusFolk/Black Metal
1916.Beliye TapkiAmbient Black/Funeral Doom Metal
1917.BelkardtBlack Metal
1918.BelketreBlack Metal
1919.BellhhararBlack Metal
1920.BellicistProgressive Black/Death Metal
1921.Bellicus DaemoniacusBlack Metal
1922.BelligerenceMelodic Black/Death Metal
1923.Belligerent IntentDeath/Black Metal
1924.Bellum (Mex)Black Metal
1925.Bellum (US)Black Metal
1926.Bellum AnimiNoisy Drone Doom/Black Metal
1927.BellzllebThrash/Black Metal
1928.BelmesBlack Metal
1929.BelmezDark/Black Metal
1930.Belphegor (Aut)Death/Black Metal
1931.Belphegor (Hol)Black Metal
1932.BelphegothBlack Metal
1933.BelsazarBlack Metal
1934.BelsemarBlack Metal
1935.BelshazzarBlack Metal
1936.Beltane (Nzl)Black Metal
1937.Beltane (Rus)Melodic Black Metal
1938.Beltane (Swe)black metal
1939.BelthanBlack Metal
1940.BelthilBlack Metal
1941.Belzabet (Mex)Epic Black Metal
1942.Belzabet (Ven)Black Metal
1943.BelzagorPagan/Black Metal
1944.Belzebooh!Death/Black Metal
1945.BelzebuBlack Metal
1946.Belzebul (Fra)Raw Black Metal
1947.Belzebuth (Aus)Black Metal
1948.Belzebuth (Mar)Melodic Black Metal
1949.Belzebuth (Tur)Black Metal
1950.Belzebuth (Tur)Black/Death Metal
1951.BelzecBlack Metal
1952.BelzéproutBlack Metal
1953.BelzidumRaw black metal
1954.BemdesarBlack Metal
1955.BenatnashSymphonic Medieval Black Metal
1956.Beneath the Dying MoonMelodic Black Metal
1957.Beneath the Red Dawnprogressive death/black metal
1958.BenemmerinnenBlack Metal
1959.BenethDeath/Black Metal
1960.Benighted (Hrv)Black metal
1961.Benighted (Swe)Black/Death Metal
1962.Benighted (Swe)Black Metal
1963.Benighted (US)Black Metal
1964.Benighted (US)Black Metal
1965.Benighted in SodomBlack Metal
1966.Benighted LeamsBlack Metal
1967.BerdyszRaw Black Metal/Ambient
1968.Bereavement (Aus)Black Metal
1969.BereftBlack Metal
1970.BergeistBlack Metal
1971.BergelmirBlack Metal
1972.Bergen Belsen S.S.NS Black Metal/Doom Metal, Oi
1973.BergenskBlack Metal/Ambient
1974.BergravenExperimental Black Metal
1975.BergtagenEpic Folk/Black/Doom Metal
1976.BergthronBlack Metal
1977.Berith (Ger)Black Metal
1978.Berith (Hol)Black Metal
1979.BerkahalBlack Metal
1980.BerkaialBlack Metal
1981.BersatottBlack Metal
1982.Berserk (Bel)Black Metal
1983.Berserk (Esp)Folk/Black Metal
1984.Berserker (Pak)Death/Black/Thrash Metal
1985.Berserkers ForestBlack Metal
1986.BerserkerwutNS Black Metal
1987.BerserkirMelodic Black Metal
1988.BerzabumBlack Metal
1989.BerzanoBlack Metal
1990.BerzemonSymphonic Black Metal
1991.BerzerkerMilitaristic Ambient / Ritual Black Metal
1992.BesagaMelodic Black Metal
1993.BesattBlack Metal
1994.BesiasBlack Metal
1995.Bestemmia AeternalisBlack / Death Metal
1996.Bestia (Est)Epic Black Metal with Brutal Death Metal Influences
1997.Bestia (Rus)Black Metal
1998.Bestial (Bra)Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
1999.Bestial (Bra)Black Metal
2000.Bestial (Rus)Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
2001.Bestial 666Black Metal
2002.Bestial AtrocityBlack Metal
2003.Bestial ChristBlack Metal
2004.Bestial CreationBlack Metal
2005.Bestial CultBlack Metal
2006.Bestial Devastation (Fin)Black/Thrash Metal
2007.Bestial Hell AxeThrash/Black Metal
2008.Bestial HolocaustThrash/Black Metal
2009.Bestial HordesBlack/Thrash Metal
2010.Bestial IncarnationBlack Metal
2011.Bestial Lust (Bra)Black Metal
2012.Bestial Lust (Bz)Black Metal
2013.Bestial Lust (Ita)Black Metal
2014.Bestial MockeryBlack/Thrash Metal
2015.Bestial RaidsDeath/Black Metal
2016.Bestial RitualBlack Metal
2017.Bestial SacrificeBlack Metal
2018.Bestial SummoningBlack Metal
2019.Bestial TormentBlack/Thrash Metal (early) Death Metal with Hardcore/Punk Influences (later)
2020.Bestial TortureBlack/Thrash Metal
2021.Bestial WarBlack/Death Metal
2022.Bestial WarlustBlack/Death Metal
2023.Bestial WrathBlack Metal
2024.BestializedBlack Metal
2025.BestialustBlack Metal
2026.BestirBlackened Death Metal
2027.BestymatorBlack Metal
2028.Bete NoireThrash/Black Metal
2029.BethelBlack Metal
2030.Bethlehem (Ger)Black / Dark Metal (early), Experimental rock / metal (later)
2031.Bethor (Grc)Black Metal
2032.Bethor (Ser)Black Metal
2033.BethronedBlack Metal
2034.BethzaidaDeath / Black Metal
2035.BetrailBlack Metal
2036.Betrayed (Ger)Death/Black Metal
2037.Betrothing DejectionDeath Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore
2038.Between the FrostBlack / Death Metal
2039.Beu RibeGothic/Black Metal
2040.BewaarderBlack/Death Metal
2041.Bewitched (Chl)Heavy Doom/Black Metal, Ambient
2042.Bewitched (Swe)Black/Thrash/Power Metal
2043.Beyond DreamsDeath/Black Metal (early), Power/Thrash Metal (later)
2044.Beyond HelveteBlack Metal
2045.Beyond LightDepressive Black Metal
2046.Beyond NorthBlack / Death Metal
2047.Beyond ShadowsMelodic Black Metal
2048.Beyond the DreamMelodic Gothic/Black Metal
2049.Beyond the Ninth WaveBlack Metal
2050.Beyond the NorthwindsBlack Metal / Ambient
2051.Beyond the SanityDoom/Black Metal
2052.Beyond Ye GraveBlack Metal
2053.Bhaobhan SidheElectronic/Ambient/Black Metal
2054.BhoidhosBlack Metal
2055.BiastemaBlack Metal
2056.Bible of HatredBlack Metal
2057.Biblical InfamyBlack/Death Metal
2058.BicyklothorturerereBlack/Death Metal
2059.Bifrost (Mex)Black Metal
2060.Bifrost (Swe)Black Metal
2061.Bifröst (Aut)Melodic Death/Black Metal
2062.Big BossBlack Metal
2063.Bihor MassifRaw Black Metal
2064.Bile (Ger)Black Metal
2065.BilskirnirBlack Metal
2066.BiophobiaBlack Metal
2067.BirkabeinRaw Black Metal
2068.Birkenau (US)Black Metal
2069.BirkenmoorBlack Metal
2070.Bishop of HexenSymphonic Black Metal
2071.BismillahBlack Metal
2072.BismukhBlack/Death Metal
2073.BisôlBlack Metal/Ambient/Classical
2074.BitchHammerBlack/Thrash Metal
2075.BitruBlack Metal
2076.Bitter DawnBlack Metal
2077.Bitterness (Cze)Black/Death Metal
2078.BizarrBlack Metal
2079.BizarrekultBlack Metal
2080.Bizzare OrdinaryMelodic Black Metal
2081.Blaac AbourBlack Metal
2082.Black AbominationBlack Metal
2083.Black Abyss (Mys)Black Metal
2084.Black AchemothBlack Metal
2085.Black ADBlack metal
2086.Black AeonMelodic Black/Death Metal
2087.Black AfflictionBlack Metal
2088.Black AllegianceBlack Metal
2089.Black AltarBlack Metal
2090.Black Angel (Per)Black/Death Metal
2091.Black AnimaMelodic Black/Heavy Metal
2092.Black AnvilBlack/Thrash Metal
2093.Black ArtBlack/Death Metal
2094.Black ArtsBlack Metal
2095.Black AstrologyBlack/Death Metal
2096.Black Autumn (Can)Black Metal
2097.Black Autumn (Ger)Black Metal
2098.Black BaptismBlack Metal
2099.Black BeastRaw Black Metal
2100.Black BibleBlack Metal
2101.Black Bile (Aus)Black Metal
2102.Black Bile (Cyp)Blackened Funeral Doom Metal
2103.Black Bile (US)Black Metal
2104.Black BitchBlack/Thrash Metal
2105.Black BlessingBlack Metal
2106.Black Blood (Fin)Black Metal
2107.Black Blood (US)Symphonic Black Metal
2108.Black Boned Angel (US)Black Metal/Doom Rock
2109.Black CandleBlack Metal
2110.Black Candle's MistBlack Metal
2111.Black ChariotBlack Metal
2112.Black Circle (Swe)Black Metal
2113.Black ComaBlack Metal
2114.Black CommunionBlack metal
2115.Black CountessBlack, Doom/Gothic metal
2116.Black Cross (Grc)Black/Death/Doom Metal
2117.Black Cross (Prt)Black/Heavy Metal
2118.Black CrucifixionBlack Metal (early), Dark Metal (later)
2119.Black CultBlack Metal
2120.Black Dawn (Fin)Black Metal
2121.Black Death (US)Thrash/black metal
2122.Black Death RitualBlack Metal
2123.Black DementiaMelodic Black Metal
2124.Black DominatorBlack Metal
2125.Black DominionBlack Metal
2126.Black DraugwathBlack Metal
2127.Black Empire (Bra)Black Metal
2128.Black Empire (Can)Black Metal
2129.Black Empire (Mex)Melodic Black Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal (later)
2130.Black End FutureExperimental Black/Thrash Metal
2131.Black EvilBlack/Heavy Metal
2132.Black FaithBlack Metal
2133.Black Fire (Col)Black Metal
2134.Black FlameBlack Metal
2135.Black Fog (Nor)Viking Black Metal
2136.Black Fog (Rus)Black Metal
2137.Black Forest (Aus)Black Metal
2138.Black Forest (Mex)Black Metal
2139.Black Forest (US)Black Metal
2140.Black FortressBlack Metal
2141.Black FrostBlack Metal
2142.Black Fucking DoomBlack/Funeral Doom Metal
2143.Black FunebreBlack Metal
2144.Black Funeral (Bra)Black Metal
2145.Black Funeral (US)Black Metal/Dark Ambient
2146.Black FurySymphonic Black Metal
2147.Black Goat (Esp)Black Metal
2148.Black Goat (US)Black Metal
2149.Black Goat AttackBlack Metal
2150.Black GoatsemenBlack Metal
2151.Black GrailBlack Metal
2152.Black GraveBlack Metal
2153.Black HammerDeath/Black/Thrash Metal
2154.Black HarmonyAtmospheric Black Metal/Dark Ambient
2155.Black Harvest (US)Melodic/Doom/Black Metal
2156.Black HateBlack Metal
2157.Black Hole 23Black metal
2158.Black Hole GeneratorIndustrial Black Metal
2159.Black Hole TheoryDeath/Black Metal
2160.Black HolidayBlack/Thrash Metal
2161.Black HolocaustBlack Metal
2162.Black HorizonsBlack Metal
2163.Black HorizonzBlack Metal
2164.Black HowlingBlack Metal
2165.Black InquisitionBlack Metal
2166.Black InvocationBlack Metal
2167.Black JadeBlack Metal
2168.Black JehovahBlack Metal
2169.Black KatharsisBlack Metal
2170.Black Knight SymfoniaSymphonic Black Metal
2171.Black KronstadtBlack Metal/Crustcore
2172.Black LakesBlackened Doom Metal
2173.Black Landscapes'Black' Metal with varied influences
2174.Black LotusBlack/Folk Metal
2175.Black Magic (Nor)Black/Thrash Metal
2176.Black Majesty (Nor)Black Metal
2177.Black MarshBlack Metal
2178.Black Mass (Bra)Black/Thrash Metal
2179.Black Mass (Nor)Black Metal
2180.Black Mass (US)Black/Death Metal
2181.Black Mass of AbsuAtmospheric Black/Doom Metal
2182.Black Mass PerversionBlack Metal
2183.Black Mass PervertorPunky Black Metal
2184.Black Mass RitualBlack Metal
2185.Black MassacreSymphonic Black/Death Metal
2186.Black MessiahSymphonic Black/Folk/Viking Metal
2187.Black Metal (Hol)Black Metal
2188.Black Metal (US)Black Metal
2189.Black MisanthropyBlack Metal
2190.Black MistBlack Metal
2191.Black Moon (Chl)Pagan Black Metal
2192.Black Moon Rising (Ger)Black Metal
2193.Black Mourners VeilBlack/Death Metal
2194.Black MurderBlack Metal
2195.Black NebulaBlack Metal
2196.Black Nocturnal DarknessBlack Metal
2197.Black NovaElectronic/Experimental Black Metal
2198.Black OmenMelodic Black Metal
2199.Black OrbitBlack Metal
2200.Black OzoneBlack Metal
2201.Black Palace SymphonySymphonic 'Blackened' Metal
2202.Black PaladinBlack Metal
2203.Black PastBlack Metal
2204.Black PentagramBlack Metal
2205.Black PestBlack Metal
2206.Black PestilenceBlack Metal with Punk/Noise Influences
2207.Black Plague (Prt)Black Metal
2208.Black Plague (US)Black Metal
2209.Black Priest of SatanBlack Metal
2210.Black PropheciesBlack metal
2211.Black ProphetsMelodic Black Metal
2212.Black PutrescenceRaw Black Metal
2213.Black Rain (Cze)Black Metal
2214.Black Realm (Ger)Raw Black Metal
2215.Black Realm (US)Black Metal
2216.Black Reign (US)Black Metal
2217.Black Reign (US)Black Metal
2218.Black RitesBlack Metal
2219.Black Satanic ReichBlack Metal
2220.Black ScourgeBlack Metal
2221.Black Scrap MetalDeath/Black Metal
2222.Black Seas of InfinityBlack Metal (early), Dark Ritual Ambient (later)
2223.Black September (Hol)NS Black Metal
2224.Black SerpentBlack Metal
2225.Black ShadowBlack Metal
2226.Black Shining DeathBlack Metal
2227.Black SilenceBlack Metal
2228.Black Silence MalignantBlack Metal
2229.Black SimphonyMelodic Black/Death Metal
2230.Black SinBlack Metal
2231.Black SolitudeBlack/Thrash metal
2232.Black Soul (Fra)Symphonic Black/Death Metal
2233.Black Soul (Grc)Black Metal
2234.Black Souls DeathThrash/Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later)
2235.Black SS VomitBlack Metal
2236.Black StenchBlack Metal
2237.Black Storm DivisionNS Black Metal
2238.Black Sun RisingNS Black Metal
2239.Black Sunrise (Ita)Melodic Black Metal
2240.Black Swan (Fin)Melodic Black Metal
2241.Black Tear (Che)Black Metal
2242.Black Tear (Esp)Black Metal, Death Metal
2243.Black Tears (Bel)Death/Black/Progressive Metal
2244.Black Terror (Cze)Black Metal
2245.Black Terror (Per)Black Metal
2246.Black ThornsGothic Black Metal
2247.Black Torment (Mex)Black Metal
2248.Black Torment (US)Black Metal
2249.Black TortureBlack/Death Metal
2250.Black TribeExperimental Black Metal, Industrial/Noise
2251.Black Trinity (Grc)Black Metal
2252.Black Trinity (US)Black Metal
2253.Black Twilight (Aus)Black Metal
2254.Black TyrantBlack Metal
2255.Black UnicornBlack/Viking Metal
2256.Black Valley ForestBlack Metal
2257.Black VomitBlack Metal
2258.Black Vul DestruktorBlack Metal
2259.Black WarBlack Metal
2260.Black WindBlack Metal
2261.Black Wings (Mex)Black Metal
2262.Black Winter (Grc)Black Metal
2263.Black Winter (US)Melodic Black Metal
2264.Black Winter HolocaustBlack Metal
2265.Black Winter NightBlack Metal
2266.Black WinterbloodBlack Metal
2267.Black Witch ChaosBlack Metal
2268.Black WitchcraftBlack Metal
2269.Black Witchcraft SavageryBlack Metal
2270.Black WitcheryBlack Metal
2271.Black Wizard (Fra)Heavy/Black Metal
2272.Black WolfBlack/Death Metal
2273.Black Wolf SakrificeBlack/Death Metal
2274.Black Wood (Per)Black Metal / Ambient
2275.Black Wood (Rus)Black Metal
2276.Black Worshippersblack metal
2277.Black WraithBlack Metal
2278.Black ZamutBlack Metal
2279.BlackarmorBlack Metal
2280.Blackcount BaalberithMedieval Ambient/Black Metal
2281.Blackcrowned (Rus)Black Metal/Experimental Metal
2282.Blackcrowned (Zaf)Black Metal
2283.Blackdeath (Rus)Black metal
2284.Blackdeath (US)Black Metal
2285.Blackdrone Inc.Avant-garde/Industrial Black Metal
2286.Blackend Sun'Black' Metal
2287.Blackened ChapelAtmospheric Death/Black Metal
2288.BlackerRaw Black Metal
2289.Blackest RuinBlack Metal
2290.BlackfireBlack Metal
2291.BlackgodBlack Metal
2292.BlackharazBlack Metal
2293.BlackhornedBlack/Thrash Metal
2294.Blackhorned SagaDeath/Black Metal
2295.BlackHornsRaw Black Metal
2296.Blackid NoctaBlack Metal
2297.BlacklodgeIndustrial/Black Metal
2298.BlacklordBlack Metal
2299.Blackmass (Bra)Black Metal
2300.Blackmass (Prt)Melodic Black Metal
2301.Blackmoon (Col)Black Metal
2302.Blackmoon (Pol)Black Metal
2303.Blackmoon (Swe)Black/Thrash Metal
2304.BlackmyskBlack Metal
2305.Blackness (Blr)Ambient/Black Metal
2306.Blackness ForeverBlack Metal
2307.BlackordéonBlack Metal
2308.BlackosphereGothic/Melodic Black Metal
2309.BlackpestBlack Metal
2310.BlackriseBlack Metal
2311.BlackShoreBlack Metal
2312.Blacksmith (Fin)Melodic Death/Black Metal
2313.Blacksmith (US)Melodic Black Metal with Power Metal influences
2314.BlacksnowBlack Metal
2315.BlackspellBlack Metal
2316.Blacksphem BrideSymphonic Black Metal
2317.BlackSStormNS Black Metal
2318.Blackstone (Ven)Death / Black Metal
2319.BlackstormMelodic Black Metal
2320.BlackStreamBlack Metal (early), Black Noise Industrial (later)
2321.Blackthorn (Ger)Black Metal
2322.Blackthorn (Pol)Black Metal
2323.Blackthorn (US)Black Metal
2324.BlackthornsBlack Metal
2325.Blackthrone (Fin)Punk/Thrash/Black Metal
2326.Blackthrone (US)Black Metal
2327.BlackthruBlack Metal
2328.BlacktombBlack Metal
2329.BlacktööthBlack Metal
2330.BlackullaBlack Metal
2331.BlackwindBlack Metal
2332.BlackwindsBlack Metal
2333.BlackwingBlack Metal
2334.BlackwingedBlack Metal
2335.Blackwitch (Swe)Black Metal
2336.Blade of the SwordBlack Metal
2337.BladesmithBlack Metal
2338.BlakagirPagan Black Metal, Ambient
2339.BlakharazBlack Metal
2340.BlangisBlack Metal
2341.BlasartBlack Metal
2342.BlasfematorioBlack/Death Metal
2343.Blasfemia (Ecu)Death/Black Metal
2344.Blasfemia (Ger)Black Metal
2345.Blasfemia EternaBlack/Thrash Metal
2346.Blasfemus ProfanusBlack Metal
2347.Blashyrkh (Fra)Black Metal
2348.Blashyrkh (US)Black Metal
2349.Blasphantomblack metal/grindcore
2350.Blasphemer (Per)Black Metal
2351.Blasphemer (US)Blackened Death Metal with Thrash Elements
2352.Blasphemer (US)Black Metal
2353.Blasphemia (Chl)Black/Thrash Metal
2354.Blasphemia (Ger)Black Metal
2355.BlasphemiamBlack Metal
2356.Blasphemic LustBlack Metal
2357.Blasphemical ProcreationBlack Metal
2358.BlasphemicomBlack Metal
2359.Blasphemik WrathBlack/Death Metal
2360.BlaspheminatorBlack/Death Metal
2361.BlasphemophagherBlack/Death Metal
2362.Blasphemous (Pol)Raw Black Metal
2363.Blasphemous (Swe)Black Metal
2364.Blasphemous (US)Melodic Black/Death Metal
2365.Blasphemous AttackBlack Metal
2366.Blasphemous CreationBlack/Death Metal
2367.Blasphemous CrucifixionBlack Metal
2368.Blasphemous DeisBlack Metal
2369.Blasphemous EvilBlack/Death Metal
2370.Blasphemous Noise TormentBlack Metal
2371.Blasphemous NudityRaw Black Metal/Grind
2372.Blasphemous VomitBlack Metal
2373.Blasphemy (Can)Black Metal
2374.Blasphemy of AgesBlack Metal
2375.Blaspherion (Are)Black Metal
2376.Blaspherion (Sgp)Black/Death Metal
2377.Blaspherion (US)Black Metal
2378.BlaspheronBlack Metal
2379.Blaster (Ita)Death/Black Metal
2380.Blastfuck TormentBlack Metal
2381.Blasting Gore NecropsyBlack Metal/Grindcore
2382.Blasting StormBlack Metal
2383.Blaze of PerditionBlack Metal
2384.Blaze of SorrowFolk/Black Metal
2385.BlazemthBlack Metal
2386.Blazing War MachineSymphonic Black Metal / Industrial Metal
2387.BlaznagarBlack Metal
2388.BlazphemeRaw Black Metal
2389.BleakAmbient/Black Metal
2390.Bleak ForestBlack Metal
2391.Bleak SolitudeBlack Metal
2392.BleakwailDoom/'Black' Metal
2393.BleakwoodBlack Metal
2394.Bleb MargoBlack Metal
2395.Bled to DeathDeath / Black Metal
2396.Bleed for MeBlack/Doom Metal
2397.Bleed the SonBlack Metal
2398.Bleeder (UK)Death/Black Metal/Grindcore
2399.Bleedience'Black'/Death Metal
2400.Bleeding ArtBlack/Death Metal
2401.Bleeding BlackBlack Metal
2402.Bleeding FistThrash Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal (later)
2403.Bleeding RedDeath/Thrash/Black Metal
2404.Bleeding SadistDeath/Black Metal
2405.Bleeding Sky (Rus)Black Metal
2406.Bleeding ThornBlack Metal
2407.BlefergothBlack Metal
2408.Blessed AgonyBlack/Death Metal
2409.Blessed Are the SickGothic Orchestral Black Metal
2410.Blessed Be the WretchedBlack Metal/Grindcore
2411.Blessed in SinBlack Metal
2412.BlessmonBlack Metal
2413.Blest AbominationBlack Metal
2414.Blight (Can)Black Metal
2415.Blight (Pol)Black Metal
2416.Blight (US)Raw Black Metal
2417.Blinded by FaithMelodic Black Metal
2418.Blindsite TheoryBlack/Thrash Metal
2419.Bliss of FleshBlack/Death metal
2420.Blitzkrieg (Pol)Raw Black Metal
2421.BlizkrigNS Black Metal
2422.Blizzard (Arg)Black Metal
2423.Blizzard (Aus)Black Metal
2424.Blizzard (Hun)Black Metal
2425.Blizzard (Lva)Black Metal
2426.Blizzard (Rus)Black Metal
2427.Blizzard WinterBlack Metal
2428.Blod BesvimelseBlack Metal
2429.BlodarvBlack Metal
2430.BlodfestBlack Metal
2431.BlodfrostBlack Metal
2432.BlodheimBlack Metal
2433.BlodkaldtBlack Metal
2434.BlodkarskBlack/Viking Metal
2435.BlodrunkThrash/Black Metal
2436.BlodsbandBlack Metal
2437.BlodsgardBlack Metal
2438.BlodshungerBlack Metal
2439.BlodskaldBlack Metal
2440.BlodsofferBlack Metal
2441.BlodsritBlack Metal
2442.BlodtjernBlack Metal
2443.BlodtruBlack Metal
2444.BlodulvBlack Metal
2445.BloedakkerBlack Metal
2446.Blood and DisasterBlack metal
2447.Blood and GutsThrash/Black Metal
2448.Blood AngelDeath Black Metal
2449.Blood Covenant (Arm)Symphonic 'Black' Metal
2450.Blood CultBlack Metal
2451.Blood DevotionBlack Metal
2452.Blood DivisionBlack Metal
2453.Blood GnomeBlack/Death Metal/Grind
2454.Blood GoatBlack Metal
2455.Blood HavenBlack Metal
2456.Blood HuntBlack/Death Metal
2457.Blood of BeherithBlack Metal/Ambient
2458.Blood of Christ (Can)Black/Death Metal
2459.Blood of Kingu (Col)Black Metal
2460.Blood of Kingu (Ukr)Black Metal
2461.Blood of Kingu (US)Black/Death Metal
2462.Blood of MartyrsBlack Metal
2463.Blood of the Black OwlBlack/Funeral Doom metal
2464.Blood of the MoonBlack Metal
2465.Blood of TyrantsBlack Metal
2466.Blood Quest (Prt)Black Metal
2467.Blood Red FogBlack Metal
2468.Blood SimpleBlack Metal
2469.Blood Soaked HorrorBlack Metal
2470.Blood Stained DuskBlack Metal
2471.Blood Stone SacrificeBlack Metal
2472.Blood StormBlack/Thrash Metal
2473.Blood StreamsBlack Metal
2474.Blood Thirsty DeathBlack/Death Metal
2475.Blood VengeanceBlack/Death Metal
2476.Blood VictoryNS Black Metal
2477.BloodawnBlack/Death Metal (early), Raw Black Metal (later)
2478.BloodaxeRaw Viking/Black Metal
2479.BloodcurseDeath/Black Metal (early), Traditional Heavy/Thrash Metal (later)
2480.Blooddawn (Bra)Black Metal
2481.Blooddawn (Ita)Black Metal
2482.Blooddawn (UK)Black Metal
2483.BloodfallsBlack Metal
2484.Bloodfeast (Pol)Death/Black Metal
2485.Bloodfeast (Svk)Black/Death Metal
2486.BloodhammerBlack Metal
2487.BloodholeBlack Metal
2488.BloodhordeBlack Metal
2489.BloodictionBlack Metal
2490.Bloodline (Swe)Black Metal
2491.BloodlordBlack Metal
2492.BloodlordsBlack/Death Metal
2493.Bloodlust (Swe)Black Metal
2494.Bloodlust (US)Death/Black Metal
2495.Bloodmoon (Ger)Black Metal
2496.BloodofferBlack Metal
2497.BloodolineBlack Metal
2498.Bloodrain (Rus)Black Metal
2499.Bloodred EclipseSymphonic Black Metal
2500.Bloodride (Swe)Black Metal
2501.BloodroseBlack Metal
2502.Bloodsaw BaphometBlack Metal
2503.Bloodshed (Swe)Black/Death Metal
2504.Bloodshed (US)Death/Black Metal
2505.Bloodshed DivineBlack Metal
2506.Bloodshed NihilBlack Metal
2507.Bloodsoaked (Fra)Black Metal
2508.BloodsoilBlack/Thrash Metal
2509.Bloodstained AltarBlack Metal
2510.BloodstrengthNS Black/Death Metal
2511.BloodswornBlack Metal
2512.Bloodthirst (Fra)Black Metal
2513.BloodthornBlack/Death Metal
2514.BloodthroneBlack/Death Metal
2515.Bloodtide XVBlack Metal
2516.BloodwakeBlack/Death/Heavy Metal/Hardcore
2517.BloodwraithBlack/Death/Thrash Metal
2518.Bloodwritten (Pol)Black Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later)
2519.Bloody AntiquityRaw Black Metal
2520.Bloody AxesBlack Metal
2521.Bloody BlasphemyBlack Metal
2522.Bloody Clerksdeath/black/doom metal
2523.Bloody Cross (Chl)Black Metal
2524.Bloody EngineBlack/Death Metal
2525.Bloody HarvestBlack Metal
2526.Bloody LairBlack Metal
2527.Bloody PassionBlack Metal
2528.Bloody Ritual (Can)Black Metal
2529.Bloody ScreamBlack Metal
2530.Bloody SignDeath/Black Metal
2531.Bloody Tears (Prt)Black Metal
2532.Bloody VictimBlack Metal
2533.Bloody VisionAtmospheric black metal
2534.Bloody WarriorsBlack/Death Metal
2535.Bloody WeepBlack Metal
2536.Bloody WrathBlack/Death Metal
2537.BloodythiirstyBlack Metal
2538.Blot (Nor)Black Metal
2539.Blot MineBlack / Death Metal
2540.BlotseraphDeath/Black Metal
2541.Blow UpMelodic Black/Death Metal
2542.Bludgeon (US)Black/Death Metal
2543.Bludgeon (US)Death/Black Metal
2544.BludgeondThrash/Black Metal
2545.Blue Man's GodSymphonic Black Metal
2546.BlutBlack Metal
2547.Blut aus NordBlack Metal
2548.Blut BannerBlack Metal
2549.Blut FormicariumBlack/Gothic/Folk Metal
2550.Blut und BodenNS Black Metal
2551.BlutaarNS Black Metal
2552.BlutdersommerBlack Metal
2553.BlutenBlack Metal
2554.BluteszornBlack Metal
2555.BlutfahneBlack Metal
2556.BlutgeistNS Black Metal
2557.Blutige NachtBlack Metal
2558.BlutklingeBlack Metal
2559.Blutmond (Che)Black Metal
2560.BlutnachtBlack Metal
2561.BlutordenBlack Metal
2562.Blutrache (Fin)Black Metal
2563.Blutrache (Ger)Black Metal
2564.BlutrauschBlack/Death Metal
2565.BlutregenBlack Metal
2566.BlutschreiBlack Metal
2567.BlutskriegNS black metal
2568.BlutstolzNS Black Metal
2569.BlutsturmBlack Metal
2570.BlutsturzBlack/Death/Thrash Metal
2571.BluttaufeBlack Metal
2572.BlutvergiftungBlack Metal
2573.BlutvialBlack Metal
2574.BlutwaldBlack Metal
2575.BodhisatvaAtmospheric Black Metal
2576.Body SerpentBlack Metal
2577.Bog ImpBlack Metal
2578.Bog MasterProgressive/Black/Doom Metal, Experimental Metal
2579.Bog of the InfidelBlack Metal
2580.Bohemian Grove (Grc)Black Metal
2581.BolgBlack Metal
2582.BolthornBlack Metal
2583.BolvangarBlack Metal
2584.BombensturmBlack / Viking Metal
2585.Bone AwlBlack Metal/Oi!
2586.Bone FragmentsBlack Metal
2587.Bone RitualBlack Metal
2588.BonedustBlack/Death Metal
2589.Bonesawer (Ger)Black / Death Metal
2590.Book of BelialBlack/Death Metal
2591.Borgabor VBlack Metal
2592.BorgarholtBlack/Viking Metal
2593.BorgazûrSymphonic 'Black' Metal
2594.BorgbozynBlack Metal
2595.BorgiaBlack/Death Metal
2596.Borgmester DahlBlack / Death Metal
2597.Borgneblack metal
2598.BorgoBlack Metal
2599.BorguildhurBlack Metal
2600.BorknagarBlack Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
2601.Born from FearBlack/Death Metal
2602.Born of ThornsBlack Metal
2603.Born of WitchBlack Metal
2604.Born Without a GodMelodic Black/Death Metal
2605.BornholmBlack Metal
2606.BortgangBlack Metal
2607.BoruthaBlack Metal
2608.BosipheriusBlack metal
2609.Bosque PagãoBlack Metal
2610.Bosse-De-NageBlack Metal
2611.BothildirSymphonic Black Metal
2612.BotulistumBlack Metal
2613.Bound by EntrailsBlack Metal
2614.Bound for TombDeath/Black Metal
2615.Bound in Human FleshBlack/Death Metal
2616.BrabazomMelodic Black/Death Metal
2617.Brainstorm (Chl)Black/Thrash Metal
2618.BranAtmospheric Black Metal
2619.Bran BarrCeltic Folk/Black Metal
2620.BrandhaardBlack Metal
2621.BrandpestBlack Metal
2622.BranikaldBlack Metal
2623.BranstockBlack / Pagan Metal
2624.Breath of ChaosFuneral Doom/Ambient/Black Metal
2625.Breath of SorrowsBlack Metal
2626.Breizh OccultBlack Metal
2627.BrennPagan Black Metal with folk elements
2628.BrennkeltBlack/Death Metal
2629.BrennuvargBlack Metal
2630.BrenoritvrezorkreBlack Metal
2631.Brent Av FrostBlack Metal
2632.Brente EnglerBlack Metal
2633.BrenvolizneprBlack Metal/Grindcore (early) - Black Metal (now)
2634.BriarghBlack Metal
2635.Bride of DankensteinBlack Metal
2636.Brilliant ColdnessBlack/Death Metal
2637.Brimstone (US)Black Metal
2638.Brimstone (US)Black Metal
2639.BrisenBlack Metal
2640.Brocken MoonBlack Metal
2641.BrokelDeath/Black Metal
2642.Broken Angel WingBlack/Death Metal
2643.Broken Soul (Rus)Atmospheric Death/Black Metal
2644.Broken Sword (Pol)Death/Thrash/Black Metal
2645.BrondnihtDoom/Black Metal
2646.BronsonBlack/Death Metal
2647.Brown EscapeAvant-garde Death/Groove/Black Metal
2648.Brown JenkinsDoom/Black Metal
2649.BrulvahnatuAmbient Black Metal
2650.Bruma (Chl)Thrash/Black Metal
2651.Bruma ObscuraBlack Metal
2652.BrumalisBlack Metal
2653.BrumeBlack Metal
2654.Brume d'AutomneBlack Metal
2655.Brume NoireBlack Metal
2656.Brutal Morticí­nioPagan Black Metal
2657.Brutal SlaughterBlack/Death Metal
2658.Brutalidad CarnalBlack/Gothic Metal
2659.Brutalitarian SupremacyBlack Metal
2660.Brutalum NecrophalusBlack Metal
2661.BrynjardEpic/Folk Black Metal
2662.Buchenwald OvenNS black metal
2663.Buffalo Creek DisasterBlack/Thrash Metal
2664.Bugale An NozRaw Black Metal/Folk
2665.Buio OmegaBlack Metal
2666.Bulimic BitchBlack Metal/Grindcore
2667.Bulldozer (Ita)Black/Speed Metal
2668.Bundeswehraclassic death/thrash metal / Black Metal
2669.BunkerfallBlack Metal
2670.Bunkher 418Black / Death Metal
2671.BurdensBlack/Doom Metal
2672.BurevestnikBlack Metal
2673.Burial (Grc)Black Metal
2674.Burial (UK)Black/Death Metal
2675.Burial Ground (Bel)Death/Black Metal
2676.Burial HordesBlack Metal
2677.Burial HorgEpic Folk Black Metal
2678.Burial in SulphurBlack/Death Metal
2679.Burial MistRaw Black Metal
2680.Burial PlaceSymphonic Black Metal
2681.BurialMoundBrutal Black/Death Metal
2682.BurianBlack Metal
2683.BuriedDeath/Black Metal
2684.Buried AngelBlack Metal
2685.Buried Beneath (US)Blackened Death Metal
2686.Buried by FireBlack Metal
2687.BurketBlack Metal
2688.Burn in SilenceMelodic Death/Black Metal, Metalcore
2689.Burn the ChurchBlack Metal
2690.Burn the CrucifixBlack Metal
2691.Burn the InnocentDeath/ Black Metal
2692.Burn to BlackThrash/Black Metal
2693.Burning Blood (US)NS Black Metal
2694.Burning CrossBlack/Death Metal
2695.Burning Darkness (Swe)Melodic Black Metal
2696.Burning MoonBlack Metal
2697.Burning NecksHeavy/Black Metal
2698.Burning SunsetMelodic Death/Black Metal
2699.Burning TearsBlack Metal
2700.Burning TimesFolk Black Metal
2701.Burning WindsBlack Metal
2702.Burnt ChurchBlack Metal
2703.BurnzBlack Metal
2704.Burz MorgûlBlack Metal
2705.BurzukhDeath/Black/Doom/ Traditional Heavy Metal
2706.BurzumBlack Metal, Ambient
2707.Bustum (Hrv)Black Metal
2708.Bustum (Pol)Black Metal
2709.Bustum NigerBlack Metal
2710.Butchers (UK)Thrash/Black Metal
2711.ButronianBlack Metal
2712.BuxenBlack Metal
2713.Buzrael (Ita)Black Metal
2714.Buzrael (Mex)Black Metal
2715.By Brute ForceBlackened Death Metal
2716.By Dawn CursedBlack Metal
2717.By Disgrace of GodBlack Metal
2718.By ToutatisHeavy/Symphonic/Black Metal
2719.Byam KlavorSymphonic Black Metal
2720.Byblis (Ita)Black Metal
2721.ByfrostBlack/Thrash Metal
2722.Byleth (Esp)Black Metal
2723.ByrgenBlack Metal
2724.ByzantumBlack Metal
2725.Båld ImperiumBlack Metal
2726.Bäume statt BürgerBlack Metal
2727.BölverkrBlack Metal
2728.BölvætturBlack Metal



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