GWAR Frontman Makes Fifth Appearance On 'Red Eye'; Band Shoots 'Let Us Slay' Video

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GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus made his fifth and most memorable appearance on Fox News' "Red Eye" show with host Greg Gutfeld. The appearance went so well that "Red Eye" has given Oderus the opportunity to have more airtime by being a member of the panel for an entire show.

Commented Urungus: "After weeks of scrutiny, the fools... I mean, the people at Fox News have decided to give me more airtime. This marks yet another step in the transformation of Oderus from lead singer to leading man-thing. I won't stop until my career eclipses that of Carrot Top, who will be forced to eat his own genitals in a desperate attempt at publicity. The humans need programs like 'The GWAR Show', or 'GWAR TV' or even 'Everybody Loves Oderus'. Considering we are GWAR, we are the perfect choice to play ourselves!"

Check out video footage of Oderus' fifth "Red Eye" appearance below.

"Red Eye" is a late-night/early-morning talk show on the Fox News channel. Airing at 3:00 a.m. EST on weekdays with repeats on weekends at 12:00 a.m. EST, the show covers a variety of topics, including news, entertainment, sports, and gossip. It is hosted by former Maxim U.K. editor Greg Gutfeld.

In other news, GWAR shot a music video this past week for "Let Us Slay", the first single from the band's upcoming album, "Lust In Space", which is due on August 18 via Metal Blade Records. The clip was shot in Richmond, Virginia by director David Brodsky (SUICIDE SILENCE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL) and his MyGoodEye crew.

Metal Blade Records has created a GWAR widget which you can check out below. The widget includes an MP3 of the new track "Let Us Slay", band photos, information about the album, and will soon have upcoming GWAR tour dates. Fans can also add the widget to their blogs and networking pages and it will update automatically with new tour dates, music, videos and more.

"Lust in Space" track listing:

01. Lust in Space
02. Let Us Slay
03. Damnation Under God
04. The UberKlaw
05. Lords and Masters
06. Metal Metal Land
07. The Price of Peace
08. Where is Zog?
09. Make a Child Cry
10. Release the Flies
11. Parting Shot
12. GWARnography *

* Bonus track available only when album is purchased as a download online



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