Former STRATOVARIUS Leader TIMO TOLKKI To Publish Autobiography

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Former STRATOVARIUS leader Timo Tolkki will release his autobiography, "Hymn To Life - Entr'acte", on November 2 via Goldenworks Ltd./ Blacksmith Ltd.

So much has been written and said about the life and career of Timo Tolkki that it has become almost impossible to disentangle the man from the myth.

Rumors abound and his own statements often fail to clarify the controversial issues. The truth may be more simple than any fiction, such is the uniqueness of the world in which he lives, and his vision of the world.

This book was written to clarify some of these issues and it provides access to some of the key events of Timo Tolkki's life and career.

Cutting through the tabloid rumors and innuendos, the real story of Timo Tolkki is revealed: from his traumatic childhood experiences. through the blooming of his talent in the form of his band STRATOVARIUS in which he spent 23 years.

This biography concentrates on the years 1976-2009 and includes the behind-the-scenes story of many of the landmarks of Tolkki's life: his father's suicide, his bipolar illness, the composing and producing of every album in his discography, his early bands and the start of his music career. The famous STRATOVARIUS publicity stunt is explored, along with all the people that were involved in it. Tolkki also includes his account of his ex-bandmates and his perception of the life on the road.

Revealing and, at times, explicitly shocking, this book is an eye-opening experience to many STRATOVARIUS fans, and to anyone who is interested in the story of a man who, in the public eye and in the media, is often portrayed as a maniacal madman, but who writes songs about universal love and brotherhood and has been doing so for 20 years.

This 200-page book is Timo Tolkki's hymn to life itself. By his special request, it is being translated to seven languages.

"Hymn To Life - Entr'acte" excerpts can be found in the "Photos" section of the book's official MySpace page but you must first send a friend's request.



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