Studio Report ; Perpetuum - Gradual Decay Of Conscience (album 2009)

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Following the mail from perpetuum news update,

At first we inform to all of you that actually Perpetuum are working with a new Chilean label called Australis Records, and have signed a deal to edit our first album “Gradual Decay Of Conscience” this year 2009. So we decided to re-record all the stuff of the old “Gradual Decay Of Conscience” recorded in 2007, for this reasons:

1. The sound quality of that records although is of our taste, dont satisfy us 100%, that was our first serious and auto-produced material, and now we have more experience, so we think that we can achieve a best result. Some track of that record are from our Promo 2007.

2. Almost all of our songs have new and improve musical arrangement, in our opinion.

3. Now we have a new vocalist (Alejandro Ruiz) working with us since 6 months ago aprox, and we think its a disrespected to he edit a material without his voice.

In that way Australis Records, believe in Perpetuum and will edit (at last!!) “Gradual Decay Of Conscience” in september of this current year. The album will incclude some “presents” haha to be decided, and it will be distributed by Rocksur Distribution belonging to the music store Rocksur from the city of Puerto Varas, a store with ten yers of experience.

So we hope in one week or two upload some previews of the artwork and the audio.

Cheers to all!!



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