PERPETUUM, Monster Metal From Chili

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logo Perpetuum
    Also known as : ex-Nocturnal Blasphemy

Genres : Blackened Death Metal
Country : Chile (Santiago)
Official :
Biography :

In 2003 Nocturnal Blasphemy was born, with the intentions to create a raw and dirt Black Metal. As the time passes, the most various influences that were obtained by their members, were reflected in the search of a sound and style of its own. That entailed to a new image as a band, restructuring old songs, re-conceptualizing the lyrics and rescuing some sounds from other styles that complements this new vision, taking Perpetuum to the band today it is.

From 2004 to 2006, the band have played several times in Santiago de Chile and other towns, with very good reception from the crowd. At the end of 2006 Perpetuum begins to pre-produce the first record, editing their promotional in 2007.

Actually, the band still plays alive, and have signed contract deal with Australis Records, to edit their first full-length. So, Perpetuum entered the studio to record “Gradual Decay of Consience”. It will be edited in september of 2009 by Australis Recods and distributed by RockSur Distributions.

Band Members:

Juan Díaz - Bass

Carlos Fuentes - Drums

Cristóbal González - Guitars

Diego Ilabaca - Guitars

Alejandro Ruiz - Vocals

Discography :
Unchaining The Christian Fears (Live - 2004)
Infernal Summoning (Démo - 2004)
Through The Path Of Eternity (Démo - 2004)
Rehearsal 2006 (Démo - 2006)
Promo 2007 (Démo - 2007) Download Here



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