THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: Footage From 'Deflorate' Bonus DVD Available

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Michigan's unstoppable sons of molten melodic death metal THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will release "Deflorate", the follow-up to 2007's "Nocturnal", on September 15. In preparation of this behemoth release, Metal Blade Records is offering a pre-order to fans which includes a signed copy of "Deflorate" at a low price.

An epic expansion of the stunning pitch-black cacophony that was "Nocturnal", "Deflorate" boasts THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's brand of seamlessly mixed Swedish influenced blackened thrash and pounding American death metal muscle, and sees one of metal's most outstanding underground outfits at the peak of its unmitigated musical brutality.

"We're more confident than ever," declares vocalist Trevor Strnad of "Deflorate". "I think, as a band, we really found our footing on 'Nocturnal'. This time, we've taken this beast to the next level."

A teaser clip taken from "Deflorate"'s bonus disc, which shows the band on its first-ever tour through Scandinavia and Russia can be viewed below.

"Deflorate" was produced by THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, Mark Lewis (DEICIDE) and Jason Suecof (BENEATH THE MASSACRE, JOB FOR A COWBOY), with mixing duties handled by Suecof. The album's first single, "A Selection Unnatural", is now available for streaming exclusively on

Strnad stated about the "A Selection Unnatural" song, "I was watching some crazy shit on birth defects on the health channel and I wanted to try to recreate the feelings of horror and repulsion that people react with when seeing these kinds of unfortunate images. 'A Selection Unnatural' is meant to be a science-fiction shocker about the short life of a terribly deformed mutant of a child. From the moment he is born he is kept in labs and is regarded as a living medical marvel, poked and prodded by scientific minds wondering how such a being could come to be. How could such a thing occur in nature? Is he a human being like you and I? I was trying to find a balance between completely describing the creature and leaving a bit up to the imagination and let the listener decide exactly what it would look like. The person telling the story is meant to sound disgusted, a voice of sheer cruelty and indifference to the child's life. He wonders what the boy's purpose was on this earth, scoffing at his plight. The title is obviously a play on Darwin's theory of natural selection."

"Deflorate" track listing:

01. Black Valor
02. Necropolis
03. A Selection Unnatural
04. Denounced, Disgraced
05. Christ Deformed
06. Death Panorama
07. Throne Of Lunacy
08. Eyes Of Thousand
09. That Which Erodes The Most Tender
10. I Will Return

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