KISS: New Album Title Confirmed, Track Listing Revealed

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KISS manager Doc McGhee has confirmed to Classic Rock magazine that the band's new album will be titled "Sonic Bloom" and that it will be released exclusively through Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. as part of a package including a disc of re-recorded KISS classics (already available in Japan) and a live DVD.

Due on October 6, "Sonic Bloom" features the following track listing:

01. Modern Day Delilah
02. Russian Roulette
03. Never Enough
04. Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
05. Stand
06. Hot & Cold
07. All The Glory
08. Danger Us
09. I'm An Animal
10. When Lightning Strikes
11. Say Yah

Commented Classic Rock's Geoff Barton: "KISS promised to deliver a back-to-their-roots album and that's exactly what we've got. Recorded in the old-fashioned, analog way, it sounds spectacularly good — no ProTools nonsense in evidence here.

"The interesting thing is, it's not simply a homage the band's first few albums. There are even nods to records such as [1982's] 'Creatures Of The Night', which had Vinnie Vincent on guitar. KISS seem to have cleverly combined the best of all their eras into a single winning package."

Classic Rock has heard six of the album's tracks and has posted a full report at this location.

The editor of Guitar Player magazine, who had a chance to preview five songs off the LP last month, wrote about the new KISS material, "Paul [Stanley, KISS guitarist/vocalist] sings his ass off. Eric [Singer] plays some amazingly powerful drums. Gene [Simmons] was finally made to play all of his bass parts (apparently, in the past, if someone had a cool bass idea, he let them play it), and he DOES have a pretty driving sound. Finally, Paul and Tommy's [Thayer] guitars sound HUGE — with some fab riffs and '70s-style solos."

Thayer wrote and sang his first song on the album, while Singer also got his first opportunity to sing a lead vocal on an original song.

Simmons recently told The Canadian Press that there were no outside writers working on the Paul Stanley-produced disc. He also described the album's sound as "no strings, no keyboards, no synths, no tambourines, no nothing — just meat and potatoes."



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