MEGADETH Mainman Pulls Plug On 'DAVE MUSTAINE Coffee'

11:03 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has issued the following update:

"It has been a fun run while it lasted, I love every one of you that ordered the coffees and stuff, but all good things must come to an end, and the end is near for Dave Mustaine's coffee. I have done my share with helping Net Worth Coffee Brokers [the company launched by Dave's wife, Pam Mustaine] and helping the Door of Faith charity, and now I am going to look for something new and exciting to do again.

"Net Worth Coffee Brokers will continue to roast and sell the most awesome coffees around, so if you are looking for my stuff, it is going to be phased out soon. I will tell you when, but suffice to say, so that they don't ever sit on stale inventory, there is no inventory; they fill your order almost right after you make it. Until then . . . Be sure to continue to support Net Worth Coffee Brokers, and stay tuned for 'What in the world is next as we continue . . . with the Daves of our Lives!'

"But seriously, folks, thank you all so very much for believing in this and for supporting the charities; it meant the world to me. We are going to continue to fill orders for the existing members and then it's off to find something awesome and start this all over again!!"



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