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A new ECHOES OF ETERNITY track entitled "Ten Of Swords" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The song comes off the Los Angeles female-fronted progressive metallers' second album, entitled "As Shadows Burn", which is scheduled for release in North America on September 22 via Nuclear Blast Records (the LP will be issued in Europe on September 25 through Massacre). The follow-up to 2007's "The Forgotten Goddess" was produced and mixed by former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, who has previously worked with GOJIRA, DIVINE HERESY, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY.

Commented singer Francine Boucher: "Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies — constantly judging and criticizing ourselves. When I wrote the lyrics to 'Ten Of Swords', I was inspired by the personal struggles of life. It's about letting go of your pain and digging yourself out of the dark hole we seem to sometimes fall into. It's about coming to terms with your mistakes and accepting them. You can't banish your demons: they are part of you. You must find a way to embrace your darker side and co-exist with it. The Ten of Swords is the grimmest card in the Tarot deck. It's about hitting rock bottom, but it's also a card of hope. Sometimes it's necessary to hit the bottom before you can make your way back up.”

Added guitarist/songwriter Brandon S. Patton: "I had the riffs [for 'Ten Of Swords'] written when I showed up to band rehearsal about two years ago. Kirk [Carrison, drums] and I developed the initial skeletal framework for the song and the other members played a big role in arranging it and adding harmonies and details. By far the biggest standout part of the song occurs 2:10 into the track, when we launch into a killer 'gallop-picked' riff that would make Jon Schaffer [of ICED EARTH] proud. The vocal melody that Francine sings over that part is unbelievable!!! The chorus of this song is also catchy as fuck... a definite anthem.”

"As Shadows Burn" track listing:

01. Ten Of Swords
02. A Veiled Horizon
03. Memories Of Blood And Gold
04. The Scarlet Embrace
05. Descent Of A Blackened Soul
06. Twilight Fires
07. Buried Beneath A Thousand Dreams
08. Letalis Deus
09. Funeral In The Sky

In other news, ECHOES OF ETERNITY has announced the addition of rhythm guitarist Bryan Eagle to the group's ranks. Eagle has been playing with the band since September 2008 and has contributed music and laid down guitar tracks on ECHOES OF ETERNITY's new album.


Francine Boucher - Vocals
Brandon S. Patton - Guitar
Bryan Eagle - Guitar
Duane Cowan - Bass
Kirk Carrison - Drums



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