GENITORTURERS: New Seven-Inch Single Released

10:01 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

Florida-based "shock-rock" band GENITORTURERS, featuring MORBID ANGEL frontman David "Evil D" Vincent on bass, will release the first in a series of limited-edition, colored vinyl collectible seven-inch singles featuring select songs from the group's upcoming "Blackheart Revolution" CD. Each colored vinyl has "over-the-top packaging and insane themed layouts, pressed on high-grade 43 G virgin vinyl," according to a posting on the GENITORTURERS MySpace page. These will only be manufactured in limited runs.

The A side of the first seven-inch single, "Cum Junkie", includes the studio album version of that title cut that is set to appear on "Blackheart Revolution", while the B side features a "totally bangin', brand-spankin' new" "Let's Go Cum Junkie" Gen-xx-style remix by Jackal of JACKAL & HYDE.

Commented the band: "We received a ton great feedback about this song as it was on our recent 'Live! In Sin' DVD, and decided this had to be the first 7" single, so we came up with a twisted little concept and put together a special photo shoot with our favorite resident photographer Dan Santoni especially for this release."

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